What Is An SR 22?


If you have a bad driving record, you are going to need to know what is an SR 22? An SR 22 is a bond an insurance company will place on you because of your bad driving record. Those who end up getting DUIs or get in trouble for not having car insurance will be put on a suspended license and they will have to be put on an SR22 bond. So, instead of asking yourself, what is an SR 22, you need to ask yourself if you need one in the first place. It is essentially a promise that you will make your driving record better in the future. Depending on the reason you need one, will depend on how long you will have to carry this bond around while driving or having a vehicle in your name. Now you know what an SR 22 is so you don’t have to keep asking what is an SR 22.

Is An SR 22 Considered To Be Car Insurance?

An SR 22 is not considered auto insurance. Rather it is like a high-risk insurance bond where the insurance company you get one through will make the bond or promise to your state that you will hold the minimum driving requirements for your state.

What Do You Need To Be Eligible For An SR 22 Bond?

Although the requirements will be different for each state, the main requirement is that you say you need one because of getting a DUI or getting suspended for driving without insurance in the first place or getting your license suspended for another reason. Basically, you just need a bad driving record.

What Is The Minimum Cost For An SR 22 Bond?

The minimum cost will be different for each state. Some insurance companies won’t charge you extra for one and it will be included with your regular car insurance. However, your best bet would be to call your insurance company and find out what it is in your state.

How Long Does An SR 22 Last?

Although most states will require you to carry an SR 22 bond along with your main insurance for at least three years. However, since all states are different, you will need to find out how long your state requires you to hold one.

Will An SR 22 Raise My Main Insurance Policy?

Although the answer to this is usually yes with many different insurance companies, again you will need to contact your insurance company to find out the answer to this question since all states are different.

What Are The Different Types Of SR 22 Bonds?

There are actually three different types of SR 22 bonds. Find out through your state which one you will need to carry with your main insurance. They are called the operator, owner, and operator/owner. An operator SR2 2 is for those who borrow or rent cars. The owner SR 22 is for those who own and drive their own vehicle. And, the owner/operator SR 22 is for those who do both, own a car but sometimes borrow or rent a car. The latter two might also need to carry renters insurance.

Now that know what is an SR 22, do you need one for yourself?

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