If you have already upgraded your computer system, you might be wondering what to do with all of that old hardware. If you want to know what you should do with your used IT hardware, follow the instructions below.

There are two options for companies to do with their old hardware: either sell their old hardware to have it refurbished or recycle it.

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We will be talking about the first option.

Sell to be refurbished: When it comes to selling your old hardware, you take the opportunity to take your money back; this money can then be intended for future upgrades or investments. If it goes through refurbishment, all of your products are tested to see whether they are still working correctly. They are paired with brand new items and sold at a lower price if they are still working.

Recycling Your IT Hardware – if you feel like your old IT hardware doesn’t hold any value in them, you can find recycling companies that will charge you at no cost. Your old hardware is then recycled and goes through converting waste materials into reusable resources. However, if you are worried about your data being checked, you can simply ask the recycler to have your data storage shredded. What’s great about recycling is it helps sustain the environment, boost corporate social responsibility, and conserve resources & energy.


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