Engines need a perfect mix of fuel and oxygen to function at peak performance. This is where fuel injection comes in. A fuel injector is the part responsible for this process.

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In this video, you will learn about fuel injectors and the fuel injection process.

Fuel injectors deliver fuel to the the cylinder. This causes a small explosion to occur which provides the power to the car. The ratio of air to fuel in this process is 14.7 units to one. Another important function of fuel injectors is making sure fuel is injected evenly throughout all cylinders. The car’s computer controls the rate of injection using an electrode and electro-magnets. There are three types of injection. These types are port, direct, and indirect. Port injection delivers fuel with different injectors for each cylinder using a fuel rail. This is the cheapest type for manufacturers to produce. However, it is not as efficient. Direct fuel injection is used in both gasoline and fuel engines. They use wall or spray guided injection. With spray-guided injection, the fuel injector is actually inside the cylinder. It uses a vortex of air to mix the fuel and air. Lastly, spray-guided injection uses a perpendicular nozzle to mix the fuel with the air.


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