If you are not keen enough, you may realize that you need a roof repair at the most inconvenient time. So, it’s very important to learn the signs of a failing roof to know when it needs to be replaced on time. You need to replace shingle roof when you see these signs:

Missing shingles- they expose the upper portion of the lower layer to elements is an obvious sign that your roof needs to be replaced. Strong winds and storms often cause this issue.

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You might need to replace the whole roof if water has penetrated the attic.

Curved or lifting shingles are another signs that you need to replace the shingle roof. These issues are often caused by shingles that did not seal properly during installation. It is also caused by roof installation during the cold season or uneven roofs.

Buckled shingles are another sign to watch out for. This issue occurs when roof sheathing is installed too tightly, making the shingles expand and buckle. If this happens, it shows that your roof needs a sheathing and shingles replacement. Click the link above for more tips.


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