Mercedes is one of the largest automakers in the world and is renowned for making long-lasting vehicles. However, to keep a Mercedes running, there are a couple of things that need to be changed. One of the parts that need to be changed is spark plugs which help initiate combustion in the engine. But which spark plug is the best for a Mercedes Benz?

According to the narrator in the video for V6 (6-cylinder) and V8 (8-cylinder) Mercedes Benz cars with the M272 and M273 engines, the Bosch double platinum spark plug is the best option. Why? Because this spark plug can offer car owners up to three times the service life of a typical spark plug.

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Not only that, the Bosch double platinum spark plug is an OE (original equipment) part for Mercedes cars that feature M272 or M273 engines.

On the other hand, people with four-cylinder Mercedes Benz vehicles should get their spark plugs from NGK Spark Plugs, the world’s largest spark plug manufacturer. Moreover, NGK spark plugs are OE (original equipment) parts for four-cylinder Mercedes Benz vehicles.


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