This video describes how NEMA configurations help you choose the best electrical products for your needs. It describes the power cords that plug into electrical outlets or power strips as identified by their NEMA configurations. The National Electrical Manufacturers Association develops industry standards for electricals, including NEMA straight blade cords, enclosures, and connectors.

NEMA standardization prevents hazards by setting uniformity in style, voltage, phases, and amperage. The first number in the NEMA configuration represents the style, and L signifies that the plug or connector is twist-locking to prevent accidental pulling out. The number indicates the type of power they can safely handle in terms of voltage and amperage. Before plugging it in, you should always ensure your device is compatible with your cord’s voltage and amperage requirements. The second character is the configuration number designating specific uses.

The configurations of NEMA straight blade cords differ according to the devices, whether lamps, fans, speakers, or large appliances like refrigerators, washers, motors, and dryers. The two-digit number after the dash in the NEMA configuration is the amperage. The last character in the configuration represents the device type for easy identification. P represents a plug, C is the connector, and R is the receptacle.


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