Over the years, dental implants have become more and more popular. Some dentists specialize in this procedure, and these are the dentists you should choose should you need a dental implant. The experts at McFadden Implant Center specialize in implants and they are a great option.

Nearly 70% of adults between 35 and 45 are missing at least one permanent tooth. Many opt for bridges; many of those that lose back teeth don’t replace them at all.

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More people, however, are choosing dental implant procedures to replace missing, broken, or cracked teeth. A dental implant is a permanent solution, unlike bridges that can break, or crowns that can fall out or crack, and then need to be replaced.

Of all the dental implants that have been used, a whopping 97% of people never have a problem with them. They report they are as strong or stronger than their natural teeth and look as good or better than their natural teeth.

Are you self-conscious due to broken or missing teeth? If so, get your smile back by consulting with the best dentist in your area. Ask them how to improve your smile and your overall health with dental implants.


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