A micro drill is a delicate tool used for precision drilling as demonstrated in the attached video. These tools are rigid enough to get the job done, but their size makes them fragile by nature. As mentioned in the video, using a slightly bigger tool to spot the holes before you use the micro drill can make all the difference in the durability of the tool. Another vital factor when it comes to durability is the coolant.

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You should never run the micro drill dry, meaning without a well-aimed stream of coolant. This keeps the tool from breaking or overheating.

It’s also important to take the time to consider and adjust the runout before you start. In the most basic sense, runout is how much the micro drill wobbles when spinning. While this video provides a link to learn more about measuring and adjusting runout, the main thing to know is that the diameter of the tool plays a big part. Having a tool with a wider shank gives you more to work with in terms of adjusting the runout which can in turn affect the quality and precision of your tool. Watch the linked video to learn more.

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