A bone grafting procedure can be major or minor. Bone graft surgery is performed in a hospital surgery room, and the patient stays in the hospital for recovery. A doctor can perform a small bone graft in the office. There’s no need for hospitalization with a small bone graft. The YouTube video “Bone Graft Procedure – What to Expect” outlines the procedure.

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The video also discusses the importance of a bone graft on the jaw for a tooth transplant.

Is a Bone Graft Painful?

Let’s first look at the definition of a bone graft procedure. A doctor removes bone tissue from one area in the body to transplant it to another part with damaged or diseased bone. The purpose is to help repair or rebuild the damaged bone. As mentioned, there are different types of bone grafts. Some are more intensive, and others are not. For example, patients under anesthesia don’t experience pain during the procedure. However, patients who have a bone graft on their jaw might feel mild to moderate discomfort.

Some may wonder, ” What is a synthetic bone graft?” It’s the same procedure but uses artificially produced tissue for the bone graft. The most important fact about this procedure is that it’s not new. On the contrary, it’s routine and predictable. There’s no need to fear it because it’s a relatively safe procedure.


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