As a homeowner, there are several home repair services that you’re going to need to do over the next couple of years, especially if you have an older home that needs maintenance regularly. Even if you’ve got a newer home, there will be some exterior services you need due to natural wear and tear. Depending on where you live, this could be sooner rather than later, so you need to start getting ahead of the situation. If you’re not sure what to look for with your next exterior remodel, keep reading to see what services you can expect. No matter which of these you need, keep in mind that these aren’t really good DIY projects, and you really need a professional to ensure that you’re getting the work done correctly and avoiding any long-term damage to your home.

Roof Services

If you’re looking to have some exterior repair services done in the next little while, then roof services are likely on your list to be done. Depending on the age of your roof, that could just mean some roof repair. This is when you just need to have a certain area adjusted where shingles blew off and you want to keep water damage from happening in the home. You’ll also want to make sure that you have someone check the rest of the roof and ensure there aren’t any other areas that need some repair. Local roofers are able to work with a variety of roof materials and make sure that the replacement is done right.

Residential roofing companies are great for coming out and giving you a new quote on a roof if you think your home needs one. Depending on the weather and the environment where you live, you can choose from regular asphalt shingle roofs, or move into some of the other options. Metal roofs are becoming all the rage, as they are very durable, and you can choose from several types of metal to match your preferences. You can also have these roofs customized in color to fit your home’s aesthetic theme that you’re trying to achieve, all while maintaining the property value.

Tree Services

Sometimes you may find that you have exterior home repair services that are related to trees and those that need to be trimmed in your yard. Take a look and see how much of the tree you want to come down. Keep in mind that if the tree is dying or already dead, you’ll want the whole tree to come down so that it doesn’t fall on your property or a neighbor’s home where it will be a liability.

Professional tree service companies should be the ones to come out and check on these conditions. They can trim trees that you want to keep but cut back so that they grow slower or grow a different way. They can also remove an entire tree if it needs to be done. They’ll cut it down to the stump and will use the right equipment to ensure that it comes down safely. When you hire these contractors, make sure they’re licensed and insured, as there are often many people appearing to be legitimate in this business, but they really aren’t.

Stump Grinding Services

Once you’ve had a few trees removed on your property, you’ll find yourself in need of stump grinding services. While some tree companies may offer that, your contractors may not have the right equipment to grind up the stump and level it with your yard. What you’re likely looking to have done is stump ground down just below dirt level so that you can add some sod on top, and eventually have this area covered with grass as though the tree wasn’t there.

Even if you don’t want to cover it with grass and maybe want to have another tree planted in it’s place, you’ll still need stump grinding services to get down to the roots of the old tree and get it removed. These roots could keep the new tree from growing properly, and if you don’t grind a stump up correctly, it can look really bad for your yard. Not to mention it will also attract pests and fungal infections to your yard that can spread across the grass and plants.

Garage Door Services

Other exterior home repair services include updating the garage door and having it serviced. If you’ve just recently got a garage, then you’re likely looking to add a garage door. You want one that will slide up and down easily and can connect to your garage door opener. if you have a security system, make sure you’re having these updated with a garage door company.

Garage doors may need to be repaired periodically. They can become dented from being hit or being damaged in a hail storm. Wind can also throw things into the grange door and need it to be repaired. Sometimes the tracks that your door is on will stall, and if a part of it breaks, the system will not work, and you’re not able to close your garage completely.

Paving Services

Another of the exterior home repair services that you need to be ready for is paving services. You could use these services to pave walkways, patios, and your driveway. These are the most common areas that get paved. Depending on your home now, you might be looking to have something paved for the first time or have something updated with the help of a contractor.

Local paving companies will take a look at the area you want paved, and give you a quote based on the different materials they have. You can choose to have concrete poured for the paving job, or you can opt for asphalt. Some of these paving companies will have different variations of these materials and will ask you a few questions to see what works best for you. For lighter traffic, you may need one type of material, while heavier traffic will mean a different type.

Lighting Services

One of the exterior home repair services you maintain must be lighting services. Being able to have the right lighting on your lawn will make it stand out, and improve your overall home value. These lights also help deter pests and wildlife that may be lurking in the yard at night, since most of them are motion-detected, or the steady lights keep out animals that don’t want to be exposed. Finally, they help with safety, as it’s harder to sneak around a home, looking into it, when there are lights all around the property, exposing any visitor.

Landscape lighting services can be done in conjunction with your landscaper. They may have someone that they’re comfortable working with when it comes to these lights and having them installed. Having these two communicate is important to the layout of your lawn and the way it’s designed in the future.

Landscaping Services

Probably the most important of exterior home repair services is landscaping. Maintaining your yard has so many benefits, and having someone with the right expertise and the time to spend on the yard is important. Landscapers make these lawns look attractive, and they are usually planted with appropriate plants and flowers to fit the season. They also help keep the lawn healthy and prevent unwanted infestations and infections. With someone landscaping regularly, they will see if any issues are developing in the lawn.

Landscape designers are also great for making sure the property is safe and secure. There are several benefits to landscaping, and keeping the area maintained means that unwanted pests like snakes are less likely to find their way in the home. Not having large piles of debris lying around means that they don’t have a place to nest and get comfortable, so they continue to move on. They are also less likely to have many burglars in the area since there is little area to hide.

Fence Services

Another great exterior home repair service is installing fences and making your property your own. Fences provide a number of benefits, including privacy and protection to start. With a fence, you can allow your family members and pets to roam safely on your property without any outside danger. Also, if you’re able to have solid fences, and even make them high, you can get quite a bit of privacy, as well. with these fences. Fences are also great for letting your neighbors know where your property line is and keeping someone from attempting to use your space.

You can choose from a variety of fence options. They include vinyl, wood, metal, chainlink, iron, and aluminum. Depending on what your HOA and your local zoning ordinances allow, you may be able to choose from any of these options or be limited to certain ones. Some areas are strict about the material that’s used, while others are more strict about the height of the fence. If you aren’t sure what these codes are, you’ll need to ask your local zoning office and also your HOA, if you have one.

Depending on whether you want a vinyl fence installation or a metal one, the prices could be different based on the cost of the material and the time it takes to install for a fencing contractor. When you call them out, have them give you a quote on their prices, and see if they know about any restrictions that may exist in the area. If there are restrictions, they will know about them, unless they’re a brand new contractor in the area. Some of these materials are customizable, and you can make them in different colors to fit your home, just like you can with a metal roof.

Stucco Services

Not all homes require stucco, but if yours does, then it’s on the exterior home repair services list that you should have. Stucco can be delicate and should not be treated like a standard DIY project. Getting this material just right and using it in an area with little water is vital to its lifespan. If it’s had constant exposure to water, then you’ll see it start to crack, and you’ll find that you need a lot of repairs. When these signs start developing that means it’s time to reach out to someone.

A local stucco company will come out to your home and check on the quality of the stucco. They will be able to let you know what type of repairs you’re looking at, and what to expect during this process. It could be a lengthy process, depending on whether they’re doing a touch-up on the stucco, or they’re just redoing the whole thing altogether. Make sure to talk with the company and find out exactly how long this process may take. Keep in mind that it may end up taking a bit longer than they initially estimated.

Embrace Exterior Home Repair Services

As a homeowner, you need to have a short list of contractors that you can reach out to when you have issues, and know when to call them. It’s great to want to do DIY projects here and there, but there are some things that need to be done by the professionals on the outside of your home. This area gets direct exposure to the elements and weather at all times. It could also be exposed to wildlife and unwanted pests. It’s important that you keep up with these services for your family’s safety and also to keep that home value going up.

Before you hire any of these contractors, make sure you do your research to ensure they’re legitimate contractors and have the experience they advertise. Check their social media accounts, their websites, and reviews on review sites to get an objective point of view on the work they’ve done. Just because someone quotes you a cheaper price than another doesn’t mean that’s the contractor to go with. You need to weigh your options so you aren’t stuck in a situation that is more bad than good when the contractor leaves your home.

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