Surprising Nutrition Facts Juice Lovers Already Know


There are nutrition facts juicer lovers would love for everyone else to be aware of. Many sodas and other sugary beverages contain fructose, which is sugar that has undergone a refining process that often includes extra added chemicals. Several nutrition facts juice drinkers may already be aware of may surprise others who have never considered looking up which drink is better to take in.

Among the most obvious nutrition facts juice drinks come with is that juice drinks can be completely natural. Juices such as grape and orange juice do come with sugar, but it is a natural form of sugar. Natural sugar does not contain the high concentrations of harmful carbonyl compounds, which studies have shown to increase the risks in people who are diagnosed with conditions like diabetes. While sugar intake should always be monitored, it is always good to consider what it goes through before it enters ones body.

A second nutrition facts juice drinkers may know about is juice drinks do not have the same fat producing effects that sodas do. The body processes high fructose differently than natural sugar, which can drive ones liver to release an increasing amount of fat into a persons blood. A quick look at the nutrition facts juice drinks have listed will show customers a wonderful list of healthy ingredients.

Nutrition facts juice drinkers love include the amount of vitamins and minerals that are included in many pure juices. Juices that are fresh from the fruit itself carry along the same good stuff that the whole fruit does. Apple juice is rich in vitamin A and B, as is also a good source of potassium and magnesium. Oranges contain vitamin C and B, as well as large amounts of phosphorous and calcium. No matter what fruit it comes from, the nutrition facts juice drinks come with are a great reason to switch over from other sugary drinks to natural fruit juices.

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