Using an iPad in the Enterprise


If you are planning on distributing iPads to your employees in order to facilitate enhanced productivity while on the go, you are one of several forward-thinking and tech-savvy employers to jump on this particular bandwagon. However, it should be noted that there are a few different things to consider as you integrate an iPad in the enterprise in order to avoid certain potential headaches down the line. Above all, integrating an iPad in the enterprise should involve handling security issues ahead of time, prior to distributing these units to individual employees.

For instance, as with any internet-enabled device, any iPad in the enterprise that you plan on distributing should contain a full security software suite that can combat viruses, spyware, and hackers alike. Search the web for network security suites that have been designed for any iPad in the enterprise, and see which of these options has the highest ratings overall. Additionally, it should be noted that any security software you use as you integrate an iPad in the enterprise should automatically update itself as needed sans input from the user. This ensures that a careless mistake on the part of a single employee does not compromise the data and security of your entire network.

Once you have found a software suite that can handle the integration of any ipad in the enterprise into your existing network, look for a program that allows you to monitor the use of each iPad distributed by your company in real time. This type of software should also allow you to block certain sites that you do not wish employees to visit on a company machine, as well. Search the web for monitoring software that is geared towards the use of an iPad in the enterprise, and choose the best and most comprehensive such program that you can afford. Make sure that all iPads are integrated fully into the company network as soon as possible prior to distribution, and you should be all set!

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