Coordinate A Military DITY Move


Miltary move

A DITY move, another name for a do it yourself relocation, requires a DITY move calculator. Approving the military move expenses that will be compensated under military moving programs should be a priority for any member of the service that has to relocate. Government constructed costs are defined as an amount the government would have been required to pay to move the personal property of a service member during a government procured move, an amount often up to but not exceeding the authorized weight allowance for that particular member.

This can be confusing to people that are new to a military DITY move process. This is why asking questions about your military DITY move should be a priority. Answers about military Dity moves, which also go by the name of personally procured moves, include informing you that overseas relocations typically are not recommended for this process. However, following a DITY move, a service member will have 45 days to submit claims for the full payment of their moving allowance, and about 225,000 Department of Defense and Coast Guard household shipments get moved every summer.

A DITY program can be used in conjunction with other programs. A Government Bill of Lading allowance may also be applied to the relocation costs. Once the cost of the relocation has been factored for and allowances under various programs have been applied, any additional funds the service member receives that they do not spend on moving costs become theirs to keep.

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