Bolting Tools Are Important


Bolt tensioner

Did you know that foundation bolting was required in the United States by the 1949 Uniform Building Code, but it was not uniformly enforced for nearly another decade? Overall, bolting is an integral part of many construction operations. However, there are numerous different types of bolting tools. Pneumatic torque wrenches, for example, are a kind of bolting tool. A tensioner is also a type of bolting tool. There are many varieties of tensioners, including variable, fixed, subsea, wind turbine, and pump coupling tensioners, as well as a hydraulic tensioner, a bolt tensioner, etc. Pumps such as hydraulic pumps, are also important. Hydraulic pumps can be hydrostatic or hydrodynamic.

Overall, bolting tools, such as a hydraulic flange spreader, a hydraulic torque wrench, electric hydraulic pumps, and pneumatic torque wrenches, are very important. Bolting tools are actually used in several different industries, including the oil and gas industry, mining and construction, power plants, shipyards, steel mills, locomotives, and cranes. Sometimes problems occur with bolting. Torque bleeding, which is an undesirable loosening of the nut from a bolt connected assembly, is a common occurrence in the railroad industry. Furthermore, industrial bolt deterioration can be a serious problem, particularly in areas that are typically wet or damp.

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