How My Volkswagen Dealer Gave Me a Whole Lot More Than I Bargained For


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Are you ready to brush up on your German a little bit?

Did you know that the name Volkswagen roughly translates into “the car of the people?” That is what I learned while visiting a Los Angeles VW dealership the other day. I went there looking for some VW lease specials, because a friend had told me all about how reliable Volkswagen vehicles are. I learned a lot that day from my Volkswagen los angeles dealer.

We got to talking about the German language, and how harsh it sounds to American ears. After a few bad imitations of angry German people, the conversation maneuvered its way into road rage, and I was told that the average driver swears about 32,000 times in one lifetime while operating a vehicle. When I asked him what language this statistic pertained to, the dealer shrugged.

I became eager to talk about VW lease specials, but my VW Los Angeles car dealer seemed not to bent on making a sale. He just wanted to talk facts and history. In his defense, the Volkswagen history is a little more compelling than VW lease specials. For example, Volkswagen was founded in 1937 by the Nazi Trade Union, Deutsche Arbeitsfront (The German Labour Front).

This particular VW dealer Los Angeles knows and loves continued to list off facts. I felt like I was face to face with the incarnation of an almanac. He proceeded to talk about speeding tickets, because I asked him how fast some of the cars he had Volkswagen lease specials on could go.

“More men, the data shows, receive speeding tickets than women,” he informed, “but more women choose to contest them!” At this, he had a hearty laugh about his wife and her argumentative nature. I, unamused, just wanted to talk VW lease specials.

I followed him as he led me on what was seeming to quickly become a wild goose chase, or a wild Bug chase, as it were. Finally, he said something that made me think the conversation would turn toward VW lease specials.

“You know,” he said, stroking his blonde mustache, “Volkswagen has three cars in the list of top ten best selling cars of all time. You got the VW Golf, the Beetle, and the Passat.”

I thought this announcement would lead to being told a little more about all (or any) of these top sellers. It did not. Finally, once he must have exhausted his vast knowledge of the Volkswagen and general driving facts, I inquired about available VW lease specials.

“Oh! VW lease specials!” he said, as if he had heard the term for the first time in decades. Promptly, he showed my all of the best Vw lease specials he had available, and I drove home in a brand new Passat that day, with a smile on my face and a whole lot of fascinating knowledge I otherwise would not have acquired.

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