An MX Gaming Keyboard Can Be Used For More Than Just Gaming


Custom control panel

Did you know TYPEWRITER is the longest word you can make using only one row of keys on your keyboard? This is true of pretty much every keyboard, even those fancy ergonomic custom keyboards that split the keys by right hand keys and left hand keys.

Other than typing, another popular use for a keyboard is gaming. An Mx gaming keyboard often has a joystick built in, which makes gaming a lot easier. You can also use this joystick to scroll on the web, making it an ergonomic keyboard as well.

Another feature on the Mx gaming keyboard is a custom sticker overlay, which protects the keys. These fully sealed keyboards are great for doctors offices and hospitals, because they are easy to clean and keep sterile.

A medical cart keyboard is perfect for entering patient information, as well as typing up notes the doctor takes during an appointment with a patient. These keyboards are slim, spill resistant and washable.

They run wireless, so they can be moved around to wherever the doctor needs to use it.

These medical keyboards are making accurate data entry easier, and it also helps keep patient files more accurate because a change or addition to the patient file can be made right away, during the appointment.

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