Looking for News on Movies, Music? Three Great Places to Checkout


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Are you a fan of all things American entertainment? The world of showbiz is completely fluid. It always seems to be moving, morphing, and, at times, wilting away. If you are looking to stay up on all the latest in movie and music news, then you need a source of quality entertainment news online. Here are three of the best.

  • Entertainment Weekly Online
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    Making its move online entertainment Weekly features the same great variety of entertainment news that it features in its traditional print magazine. The site features interviews with celebrities, reviews of new musical releases, and in-depth looks at the latest in celebrity gossip. This popular source of entertainment news online is well known for its wealth of information on the newest movies and albums to hit the market. Their recent coverage of Lady Gaga’s upcoming album “ARTPOP” has garnered a lot of positive attention from fans. Subscribers to the magazine can expect exclusive extras on the site.

  • Entertainment Tonight Online
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    Entertainment Tonight is well known for its popular television show featuring interviews with celebrities, exposes on the latest celebrity hi-jinks, like the ongoing Amanda Bynes saga, and exclusive clips from upcoming feature films. Entertainment Tonight’s website is more geared toward those with an interest in the visual versus the textual. Since it has access to such great video coverage from its TV series, the site offers streaming video in a way other sites cannot.

  • Super Hero Hype
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    If you are looking to get your nerd on, there are few better places to do so than Super Hero Hype. Other sources of entertainment news online will certainly bring you a touch of coverage on comic book, sci-fi, and fantasy films but few cover as much as SHH. The page is well known for its coverage of Star Wars, Marvel Comics, and DC Comics film news. Further, the site features interviews with celebs, artists, and writers. If you are looking for an outlet for your nerd-brain, this is it.

The internet is the best place to find all the latest entertainment news. The fact is no matter what your flavor, be it Mumford and Sons, Spielberg films, or the latest in comic book film, there is a place for your entertainment news online.

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