Internet Marketing Has Change the Face of Marketing


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Suffice it to say that Internet marketing is changing the face of marketing in general. Gone are the days when all a business needed was a good print campaign, and perhaps a broadcast spot or two to drive new business. Then we saw the advent of digital media that came in and completely turned traditional marketing on its head. Today, we need to pay attention to things such as page rankings and ROIs of our websites.

In the old days, people opened the yellow pages; today, a whopping 93 percent of online user experiences start with a search engine, usually to search for a product or services. And then there are the mobile device users. Approximately 64 percent of smart phone owners shop online using their mobile devices.

As you can see in the current digital environment knowing how to utilize Internet marketing is paramount. You will need to include search engine optimization into your Internet marketing plan to effectively draw visitors to your website, and subsequently to your business.

As part of your Internet marketing efforts, having a company that understands how SEO affects online sales is important. Why? Well, statistics state that increased online connectivity through mobile devices show that consumers are becoming more informed. This means that regular brick and mortar retail establishments face challenges from online retailers. Internet marketing is one way for traditional retail establishments to face this challenge.

Because the search engine industry is worth approximately $16 billion dollars, SEO is not something that can be ignored by Internet marketing efforts. In addition to Seo services provided by online marketing specialists, you will also need to incorporate email campaigns and social media into your Internet marketing plan.

SEO reseller programs can be one of the best bets for getting a complete Internet marketing package. These professionals understand how the system works and can guide you toward a more successful digital presence. They will also be able to help you combine your Internet marketing plan with your traditional plan to give your marketing efforts an extra boost of efficiency.

Stop missing valuable business and call a SEO and Internet marketing company, and start to embrace this new marketing arena.

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