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Every year, millions of Americans move their households. The grand total for 2010 was 6.7 million, comprised of military movers and civilian movers. That count was an enormous sweep from the 2007-2008 year during which only 34 million people moved, the lowest number since 1959-1960. Though millions upon millions of people move every year, we still have not managed to streamline the process into an exact science. Moving is stressful, no matter which way you slice it. In this article, we’ll provide a few tips for movers that can make the process easier and more efficient.

  1. Think about how you want to do it. Though moving trucks have dominated the market for years, many find that they don’t provide the most efficient service. Instead, consider moving pods, also known as pods storage. Instead of showing up on the morning of the big day and taking off as soon as you unload, pods moving allows you to pack gradually. This gives you time to make sure that everything is stored correctly and doesn’t make you feel rushed on the morning of the move. After you’re done packing the pods, a truck comes to pick up the whole thing and takes it to your new location where you can hold onto it until you’re all done extracting the contents.
  2. Take some time to keep an inventory. Before you even pack anything to put in the pods, walk around the house with a video camera to get a picture of every item and its condition before the move. This is an especially good idea if you’ll be hauling the pods across a long distance. If anything goes wrong and your property gets damaged, you’ll want proof if the item’s original condition.
  3. Put together a comprehensive checklist of everything you need to do from the moment the pods arrive until their hauled away. This is a critical component to any long distance move. Look online for sample checklists or ask your movers if they have one you can see.
  4. Pack a survival box containing all the essentials for day one. Don’t forget a coffee maker, cell phone charger, pillows, a change of clothes, a shower curtain, and your toothbrush. Make sure this box is the last thing in and the first thing out of the pods.
  5. Pack as light as you can. Especially if you’re making a long distance move, it might be more economical to sell some of your old things and buy new ones when you reach your new destination. Better yet, sell the things you won’t even want to replace. You put a little extra money in your pocket and save yourself some of the work when it comes time to load and unload the pods.

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  1. I always do a big garage sale before I move. It’s easily the best way to pare down your stuff.

  2. I always do a big garage sale before I move. It’s easily the best way to pare down your stuff.

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