Tech Savvy? Try Your Hand at Software Design


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Are you familiar with the different types of software maintenance there are? Do you love to work on coding for software to make sure that it runs smoothly and effectively? Are you what is commonly, affectionately, referred to as a Code Monkey? If you have answered yes to any of these, software development could be a career in your future.

  • Software Maintenance
  • There are tons of different types of software maintenance, because there are so many different kinds of software, and so many things that can go wrong with the change or absence of a single character in the coding. Software maintenance is a very general term that can be applied to such specific activities as optimization, deletion of obsolete capabilities, enhancement of capabilities, and error correction. It is a necessary field because software and coding change is ever-evolving, and needed modifications are inevitable.

  • Custom Web Applications
  • Whether it is built for a browser or built in terms of mobile applications, web apps are becoming more and more popular. You use them every day and may not even know it. If you do anything with the Chrome browser, you have applications. The Pocket or Pinterest toolbar addons that allow you to social bookmark with the simple click of a button are web apps. It is not a program downloaded onto your computer, but it is more independent than a web page. You can create one of these handy little guys and streamline the entire process for a specific website.

  • Business Management Software
  • Businesses are hard to run. The bigger they are, the more complex they become, and the more moving parts there are that need to fit together smoothly and efficiently. Businesses use a variety of softwares all the time to make sure that things are under control and moving as they should be. If you get involved in maintaining or creating something this important, you can see a lifelong career ahead of you.

If providing all of those types of software maintenance sounds like it could be the best job, then you know to start looking. Whether it is software maintenance, software design, or even application design, you can find a position in the field and find it very lucrative. Working code and designing software is no easy task for most people, so if it is fun for you, take advantage of it. Research more here.

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