What You Need to Know About Monitored Alarm Systems


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It might not have ever happened to you, but it has probably happened to someone you know. The clothes are thrown around the bedroom. The drawers lie pulled out and dumped.

The chaotic scenes of a break-in aftermath can be frightening and even traumatizing. But installing monitored alarm systems can help protect your home from these situations. Consider the benefits of alarm systems as you read these five facts about break-ins and home invasions.

1. It only takes a few minutes.

On average, the typical burglary last anywhere from 90 seconds to 12 minutes. You will probably not be held hostage as your home is looted in front of you. You will likely not even be home when it happens. But that is the dangerous part. Opting for monitored alarm systems can protect your home when you are not there to protect it yourself.

2. They usually get away with it.

In the United States, burglaries have a paltry arrest rate of only 13 percent. That means if your valuables are taken, you are unlikely to ever see them again. Any home alarm monitoring service, such as Adt alarms, can provide you with a strong deterrent for home invasions, meaning you will not have to pine for your stolen goods in the first place.

3. Nearly all burglars are male.

This does not matter too much in the grand scheme of things because your stuff will still be stolen no matter who steals it. But 95 percent of burglars are, in fact, male. Installing any kind of wireless home alarms is essential, especially given how many different monitored alarm systems you can choose from.

4. The sticker is mightier than the sword.

Monitored alarm systems begin defending your home even before any burglar has gained illegal entry. The sticker in the corner of the door and the sign in the ground in the front yard can deter criminals from even considering hitting your home. This is why these systems can be so valuable in protecting your valuables.

5. ADT is your answer for monitored alarm systems.

In the United States and Canada, ADT is the largest security company in existence. ADT serves over 6 million people in those two nations and continues to grow. When it is time to install your home monitored alarm systems, choose ADT and choose the top name in home security.

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