A Look at CPA Requirements


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Many people are considering becoming a CPA. It is a lucrative and well respected field. As such, there are many CPA requirements that must be fulfilled before becoming a certified public accountants. While the CPA requirements may be difficult, the benefits will be numerous when you become a small business CPA or a CPA at a large company. There are more than one million CPAs currently practicing in America.

So, what are the CPA requirements you need to complete? There are different state requirements depending on the location you want to practice; however, the basic CPA requirements are the same. You will be required to complete a bachelors degree in accounting. This degree will train you to organize and complete financial paperwork accurately and quickly. There will be a certain amount of hours in several subjects that will need to be completed. These courses need to be approved by your state board. Some of the courses that are part of CPA requirements include statistics, finance, accounting, economics, and other similar classes.

As part of CPA requirements, you will also need to gain experience as an accountant. Then you will need to take and pass a state CPA exam. This exam will be administered by the state board where you want to become a CPA. After passing this basic exam, you will also be required to pass an ethics exam.

The CPA requirements also have continuing education courses. Even after you have passed the basic exams and have started practicing, you will still need to take courses every couple of years to stay up to date about new laws, rules, and regulations. CPA requirements also state that you are only allowed to practice within the state where you got your license and certification.

CPA training often take longer than a regular accounting degree, but the time and effort will be worth it. You will have more job options from which to choose, and you will probably earn more money. CPAs provide top level services at a relatively low cost when compared to tax relief lawyers, so they are in high demand. Completing CPA requirements will put you in the top tier of the accounting profession.

If you want to complete CPA requirements, you should carefully plan your university program and classes. This will let you make sure that all of the correct classes have been completed during your course program.
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