How to Begin Your First PPC Campaign


It’s incredibly important for a business to establish an online presence. While having a website was once good enough, things have changed. Companies around the world understand the importance of online marketing. If you’re not wanting to learn a lot of SEO, you might consider PPC marketing. With that in mind, here is a beginner’s guide to PPC or pay per click campaigns.

Differences Between PPC and Organic Search

You’ll want to understand a few important differences between PPC and organic marketing campaigns. Pay per click campaigns will have you pay each time a user clicks to visit your website. Organic marketing doesn’t charge on a per click basis. However, there are other costs needed to set up an organic campaign.

If you’re looking for the fastest way to get your website in front of visitors, it’s best to utilize pay per click campaigns. In addition, it’s important to note that you control how much is paid each time a visitor clicks to your website. Most of the time, you’ll only be paying cents on the dollar. Pay per click costs can be higher on certain campaigns. However, these keywords are usually more competitive and likely better for your company than others.

Setting Up a PPC Campaign

The most important thing to focus on during your campaign is choosing the right keywords. This is often that something many businesses have digital marketing firms helps them with. There are often many variables that go into choosing the right keywords. It’s important to choose keywords that are targeted to your audience. If you own a plumbing business, it wouldn’t make sense to choose keywords related to healthcare services. In many cases, you’ll find a goldmine of keywords by combining your company’s niche with cities in your area. The next stage is determining what you want your advertisement to say. Many search engines and social media services will have guidelines that your business must follow. You’ll also need to determine how much your company will charge per click.

Having a Digital Marketing Company Help

If these terms are sounding a bit strange, it’s understandable. Many busy business owners prefer to have SEO services take care of these situations. You’ll find that SEO services will work to understand more about your business. In turn, they can begin to prepare a digital marketing strategy that suits your company. After this happens, the company can begin implementing their chosen strategy. This helps to take a lot of time and effort off of you. In turn, you can focus on other important aspects of managing your company.

In conclusion, it’s understandable to want to know more about PPC marketing. It’s important to consider SEO services to help with these matters. In turn, PPC marketing companies will begin to set up a PPC strategy that works best for your company. This means not having to worry about spending hours each day choosing keywords, analyzing competition, and setting rates. In turn, your business is able to receive reports that update you on the status of these campaigns. For many companies, PPC advertising continues to be an integral part of their SEO strategies.

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