Some sports teams require young participants to get sports physicals at least once a year in order to participate. These medical exams should be like comprehensive physical exams that check kids for anything that they should know about before putting their bodies under long-term physical stress.

While some parents might want their kids to get in and out as quickly as possible so they can get started on their extra-curricular activities, many parents want the reassurance of an in-depth medical exam.

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Much of the time, these exams are conducted without parents in the room to ensure the student athlete will open up about any potential issues.

Physicians should get a good idea of the physical and mental wellbeing of their patients. They need to know about their drug use and sexual habits to make sure they have the education and support they need. Physical exams should gather data like height, weight, and age. They should also gather information about vaccine history.

Once the physical is complete, the doctor typically signs a release form for the sports team. This allows the student athlete to compete. If the doctor has any concerns, they will be able to address them before the start of the sports season.

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