If you have never worked at a place that required you to keep an ID badge on your person at all times, you may have never had to use a lanyard. Lanyards are long, sturdy straps designed to be worn around the neck. They typically have a clip of some kind at the bottom to hold an ID badge or another light object.

Lanyards are exceptionally useful. While they keep ID badges visible, they don’t restrict their movement.

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You can easily scan a badge that is worn on a lanyard. They also look relatively professional and can help designate a person as belonging in a particular location.

Lanyards are also customizable. Your company may require you to wear your ID on a lanyard, but very few of them will specify which lanyard to use. Many retailers offer colorful lanyards that allow you to match your lanyard to your clothing. You can also get a custom lanyard that shows off your particular interests.

Some people also make custom lanyards if they can sew or enjoy making crafts at home. Many of these lanyards have beads or jewelry findings included in them. If you want to learn more about lanyards, try searching online for custom colored lanyards.

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