People buy cargo vans for all kinds of purposes. Some of them need a van for their business, and others want to turn the van into a makeshift living space. No matter your reasons for wanting a cargo van, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get one. Some people find great deals on repairable salvage cargo vans for sale.

For example, the host of the video posted here was able to purchase a used cargo van in running condition for only $300.

Video Source

This van had business decals on the side and was generally dirty and in rough shape, but it was functional. Throughout the video, he restores the van and turns it into a vehicle that is worth $3000.

Do be prepared if you’re going to buy a repairable salvage cargo van. These vans can be exceptionally dirty, depending on the business that used them. You may have to remove all of the interior trim in order to properly clean the vehicle you purchase. But once your vehicle is ready for use, you’ll be glad to have saved your hard-earned money by purchasing it used.

If you want to learn more about repairing a used van, the video on this page can help. You can also reach out to your local mechanic for advice.

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