Want a nice-looking tiled floor, but don’t want to pay for a service? The Youtube channel, Hometime TV, teaches viewers how vinyl tile installation can be done DIY style.

The technical term for an industrial floor tile is VCT or vinyl composition tile. These tiles are “dry back,” meaning to get them to stay on the floor, you must apply glue before putting the tiles into place.

The first step involves measuring the center of the room and drawing out grid lines.

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This will be the guide that tiles will be arranged on. Double-check your measurements, because the placement of that first tile is crucial so that all tiles will form the arrangement you want.

A blueprint or plan of the room can help you lay those tiles down in the correct fashion, especially if you carefully color-code them. Vinyl tiles are 80 percent limestone, weigh over a pound, and are flexible enough to bend to the variations of the room. Their softness enables you to cut them into any shape you choose without the use of a power saw.
The last step requires multiple rolling sessions with a heavy roller. Doing this will keep the tiles stuck to the ground.

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