Brian is here to give you tips when working on an Evap system. Firstly, when you’re testing for Evap leaks make sure you are looking at the big picture. This is a huge tip because most technicians when doing automotive repair look for exactly what they know is normally the problem, but this doesn’t always work. When looking for an Evap leak, look at the hose, the valves, the vents, everything that could be a part of the issue.

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You must know your tools, meaning you must know the tools you are working with when checking for leaks. This can be the gauge that he is using in the video. Knowing how to tell if there is a leak or not is key to this work. Keeping the theme of tools, make sure you are using the proper tools when repairing a vehicle. This is make sure you do not damage the vehicle or the tool itself.

Brian says that you must have a creative minds when it comes to working in automotive repair because not every car is going to work the same and not every problem has the same solution. This is very important to remember when you are a mechanic, working on a bunch of different cars every day.


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