Asphalt is regarded as one of the most effective and eco-friendly paving materials on the market today. Most asphalt can be recycled, and installing asphalt isn’t too difficult as long as you have professional equipment and a trained crew. If you’re looking for asphalt paving services, you may wonder how exactly your new pavement will be installed.

During an asphalt paving installation, step one is typically to prepare the area by removing old pavement.

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If you don’t have any old pavement, the crew may instead prepare the area by grading and sloping the surface. They will typically do this after removing the old pavement in any case as it is an essential step to ensure water drains away from the pavement effectively.

Once the area is prepared, workers lay down and compact a sub base. This compacted surface is the perfect base layer for asphalt pavement. On top of it, workers distribute a binder layer made from aggregate and oil. Finally, they install the asphalt surface, which is made from small aggregate, sand, and oil. If there are joints in the pavement, they create smooth transitions between them before rolling the entire surface to finish the job.

If you’re looking for more information about asphalt paving, be sure to reach out to pavement contractors in your area.

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