You depend on your outdoor garbage cans to handle all of the waste your household can throw at them day in and day out. They are constantly around your property, and at least once every week or two, they are on full display on the side of the road in front of your home.

Unfortunately, garbage cans can get exceptionally filthy over time. Broken trash bags, loose garbage, and exposure to the elements can leave them looking and smelling dirty. In some neighborhoods, having dirty garbage cans counts as an HOA violation, but all homeowners can benefit from occasionally hiring a service for garbage can washing.

The video posted here shows how a professional service washes garbage cans.

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They use hot, pressurized water to both clean and sterilize the outside and inside of the garbage cans. This requires access to a high-powered pressure washer and a device to keep the garbage cans secure during cleaning, so it’s not something the average homeowner can do efficiently.

If you’re concerned about the state of your outdoor garbage cans, consider calling a power washing company in your area for garbage can washing services. They’ll get them clean and beautiful again in no time.

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