In the video, they discuss the three different types of pipes people use in the oil and gas industry: Seamless, ERW, and LSAW. Each has its own characteristics and ways it works in the field. Keep reading to see part of what the video discusses.

Seamless pipers are used for upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas. Each of these has different meanings when it comes to the work that is being done:

  • Upstream: When oil is exported and extracted.
  • Midstream: When oil and gas are being transmitted.
  • Downstream: When oil is refined into products.

Seamless is higher in price than ERW pipes. This can be due to the manufacturing process.

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Each type of pipe the video mentions is manufactured uniquely, making what they are used on different than each other. For example, LSAW pipes are a better choice for oil and gas pipelines above 24 inches.

Watch the video to learn more about different types of pipes used by drill pipe inspection companies. There are different types of specifications that the video goes into detail about. These specifications can help you a create pipe storage plan for your facility. The video doesn’t discuss this, but there are pipe fitting storage systems that you can get for your company that can help you figure out if you need pipe end protectors or drill pipe protectors for your pipe storage.


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