When you think about the strongest animal in the world, what is it? A lion, a tiger, or a rhinoceros are popular choices. Do you ever think of the mighty ant? Well, these common household pests are some of the strongest bugs out there. Ants operate in humongous colonies and are headed up by a queen, much like bumblebees operate in hives. They all communicate with their antennae, and forge huge ant mounds that serve as their home bases. This video shares of the coolest things about ants, and by the end you may reconsider your favorite animal.

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Though an ant infestation can cause havoc when inside your home, they thrive in wide open spaces. Oftentimes queens of different ant colonies will form alliances and their colonies will work together. Additionally, all female ants in the colony are unable to lay eggs, so they devote their lives to serving the queen. Ants occasionally declare war as well, taking to several termite mounds to break into their tunnels to find food. Finally, ants can use the sun and the light it casts to find food to bring back to their colony.


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