Water is one of the most important resources in the world. Everyone needs to have a continuous source of water to survive. The problem is, not every water source is clean enough for us to drink. One of the ways that we clean out water is through a process called reverse osmosis. Reverse Osmosis is the process in which contaminants are removed from water.

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In this article, we are going to look at how this process and how it works.

One way for reverse osmosis to work is using a large cylinder that is wrapped in many layers of membrane. The membrane layers are very thin and each layer allows water to pass through while stopping different forms of contaminants. As the water passes through more and more membrane layers, more contaminants are removed until eventually, the water is clean. The dirty water that does not make it through the layers of the membrane is called concentrate. At the end of the process, while the clean water is ready for use, the concentrate moves on to another cylinder to be cleaned again. The goal is to get as much clean water as possible out of the process.


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