Roof types include the hip roof, the gable roof, the gambrel roof, the mansard roof, and the flat roof. Thus, who constructs the various types of roofs? According to Bruni Design’s YouTube video “Roof Types and How They Are Constructed-Carpentry 101,” the gable is the simplest type of roof to construct. The procedure begins with the placement of two temporary posts at each end. 

The fascia board is then installed around the perimeter. This structure requires up to two attic walls.

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After that, the ceiling joints are connected to the rafters, and the length of the rafters indicates the length of the roof. The temporary posts are erected in the center of the hip roof. After attaching the four ridges to the posts, the hip beans are connected to the ridges. The roof contractors will later install roof rafters in the center of the ridges.

The gambrel roof is more difficult to construct than other types of roofs. This process begins with the creation of a sole plate. Later, the wall studs are installed on all four sides of the wall. On the top, where the ridges are connected, another top is placed.

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