Fire hydrants are one of the most important safety features that we have for our homes. If there was ever any trouble with fire, we can count on the firefighters using a fire hydrant to put it out. Even though everyone is aware of the importance of a fire hydrant, it’s not really well known how exactly they work. In this article, we will take a look at how they work, so you know when it’s time for fire hydrant repairs.

In the video, we learn that all fire hydrants are connected to a water line underground, and there is no way to control the water pressure. Instead, they serve as a vessel for the fireman to attach their fire hose up to.

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We also learn that there are two different types of hydrants in America. These hydrants are called wet barrel and dry barrel hydrants.

A wet barrel hydrant will be found in the areas of the country that do not get cold. In a wet barrel, water is contained in the hydrant at all times. On the other hand, dry barrel hydrants are used in areas that get cold, and in this hydrant, water is not kept inside the hydrant itself.


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