Many roofers have different methods of getting their job done quickly and efficiently. But there are habits that are common to most efficient roofers. The YouTube video, “you think you’re a fast roofer?! Watch this!!,” documents some habits of efficient roofers.

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Rather than putting all the shingles at one corner of the roof, experienced roofers tend to put bundles of shingles down on different parts of the roof, and move them from bundle to bundle as they work. This prevents the hassle of having to run to and from the pile to pick up shingles. Running on the roof is counterproductive as it inadvertently makes you slower.

Another habit of efficient roofers is that they nail shingles correctly; in a straight line, and flat into the shingles, not at an angle. It is also important to know exactly where to nail. In order to prevent leaking, nail the shingle about 4 to 8 inches away from the overlap of the shingles.

As a roofer, nailing fast should not be the sole aim. Rather, you should aim to nail fast and nail well, else, you will end up nailing fast the wrong way.

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