A water well is an important feature in every home. However, homeowners cannot be sure if they will get water after spending many dollars on the project. With qualified well drilling services, the contractor will find the right spot and start the well drilling services. The first step is to drill the ground, using a drilling head to break the rock, debris, and dirt along the way.

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Next, the drilling contractors begin the installation process of well components. They place a casing, a long metal or plastic tube, in the drilled hole. The casing can be around four to six inches and goes down from the surface to the groundwater supply. Well drilling services providers seal the casing with a well cap.

After inserting the casing, a gap left between the casing and the hole wall is filled with grout or clay. After mixing with water, the clay swells up and forms a seal on top of the casing. All the while, the drilling machine keeps on going deeper until it hits the water level. The air that drives the drilling head helps the water come up, probably starting at 40-50 gallons per minute. The more the contractor drills, the more water gushes out.


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