If you are one of the many Americans that rely on heater oil to warm your home in the winters, then listen to this! While the majority of Americans are turning to gas to warm their homes, your local heater oil company is still alive and flourishing. In fact, your home heating oil company probably offers certain discounts depending on how much you purchase from them this season, so save some money by doing your research. This video looks into whether it is cheaper to get your oil delivered monthly or lock in your price for a full-service throughout the season.

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All in all, a full-service fill-up from your local oil company offers many more benefits than just general peace of mind. A full tank can last up to 6 weeks, and when you sign up for an automatic renewal service, workers from your oil company will come and fill up your tank before it even gets below the recommended amount. If you are buying through on-call delivery, you need to be responsible to not let your oil tank run too low.

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