Today earrings are a fundamental part of beauty and fashion in our society. Jewelry trends have come and gone throughout history, but when did earrings start to become popular? In this article, we are going to look at the origins of earrings.

In ancient Egypt earrings were worn by men. This is one of the first instances of earrings throughout history, and it is almost opposite to what we see today.

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Today, both men and women wear earrings, however, earrings are more often seen in women. That’s why it’s interesting to see that in ancient Egypt it was the opposite.

Another interesting part of the history of earrings is that they were banned by the catholic church in the 13th century. Can you imagine earrings being banned today?

As we look at today, we can see that almost 80 percent of Americans have an ear-piercing. This number is much greater than any of the other times that we talked about. Although they had a turbulent history earrings are now mostly seen as a fashion statement. There can be cultural signification when it comes to earrings, however, this is rare. Different styles are one thing that makes earrings popular, but so do different piercings. There’s not just one place to get your ears pierced and it’s because of this that there are so many different kinds of earrings.


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