You might not know everything about cables and you may have to do one small project where you finish off a low voltage cable. You shouldn’t start to do these types of projects without any prior knowledge. Messing with wiring could be dangerous, so it’s important you seek professional help.

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But if you just can’t wait, in this video, an expert will show us how to finish off cable ends properly.

Finishing off cable ends properly is very important because it ensures water won’t get into your system and corrode your wires. It could also cause premature burnout if they are cables connecting to lights. You also want to ensure the copper at each end doesn’t touch one another because this could cause a short in your system. In order to keep yourself and your wires safe from any harm, it’s best to finish them off properly as shown in the video.

Watch this entire video to watch an expert show us how to finish off cable ends properly. You should ensure you follow all of the directions she gives you to ensure you are doing everything correctly.


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