With the wide variety of products on the market, choosing from all of the different air compressors available can be a challenge. It is important that when making this decision, you evaluate what you need from an air compressor. Knowing the right questions can lead you to make the right choice.

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First, look at the amount of space you have available for an air compressor. Does it need to be small enough to fit under a desk, or can it have an entire corner dedicated to itself? you should always choose one that fits whatever you have available.

How much noise does it make? Some people require an air compressor that is quiet enough not to disturb others, while some may have the luxury of not needing to worry about the noise.

Will you have a set location where it will stay, or does it need to be portable? If the compressor needs to be moved around a lot, it would be wise to avoid purchasing one that is particularly heavy or difficult to carry.

Finally, check to see if you need a specific fitting for the task you need the compressor for. Some may come with a variety of fittings while others may make them separate purchases.

For additional information about air compressors, please review the attached video.


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