Hammertoe surgery is surgery that fixes a deformity in the second, third, or fourth toe. The reason it’s called a hammertoe deformity is because the toe itself is made to look like a hammer or even a claw. The purpose of the surgery is to reduce the pain associated and enhance the flexibility of the toe muscles so that they can stretch and straighten like they used to.

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Let’s go over some more details about hammertoe and claw toe correction.

The injury area is located at the middle joint of eight of your toes called the proximal interphalangeal or pip joint hammertoe. Claw toe conditions are where one or more of your toes stays in the abnormally bent formation. An injured person may seek non-surgical treatments, but otherwise, an arthroplasty and fusion to straighten your toe will be required for revising the deformity. An incision made on top of the toe ligaments over the top toe bones may be cut to expose the joint. Then, the ends of the two bones are removed, allowing more room for the toe to relax and straighten.

If you want to learn further about the hammertoe correction procedure, check the video we have linked above.


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