A major component of any area, water treatment companies help to ensure everyone has clean and drinkable water. Once understood, the process is simple to grasp.

The first thing is adding coagulant into the water. Coagulants help to pull out sand, dirt, wood, and more from the water.

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These chemicals, such as aluminum sulfate, draw in these materials that dirty the water.

The next step is sedimentation. This is the process in which what is allowed to sit so all the dirt and grim has the opportunity to fall to the bottom of the tank. This allows it to be easier to remove them from the water.

Some companies may utilize dissolved air floatation tanks instead of using the sedimentation process. With these tanks, bubbles are created at the bottom, pushing all the filth to the top of the tank to be removed.

After this, the turbidity level is checked. This is the indicator of how much dirt is left in the water. The process has different names, but n short, it is checking to see how clear the water has become.

After this, activated carbon particles are added. These allow for the removal of the tiniest sediment particles.

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