Once you have increased your home’s value, your equity increases. With the home equity loan, you can get a lump sum upfront, making it suitable if you have a specific expense. You also get a fixed loan interest rate for the entire loan term. That aside, a valuable home will be easier to sell if you want to relocate because the functionality and aesthetics are the key aspects potential buyers check. Here are 9 residential services to hire to increase your home’s value.

Cabinet Services

One of the residential services to hire when adding value to your home is the cabinet service. Custom cabinets are an excellent way to add value and style to your home. Quality cabinets provide warmth and character. Additionally, they improve the home’s resale value and aesthetics, and they increase the storage space.

The best cabinet material you can choose for your home is wood. The classic beauty of the wood transforms the entire house from ordinary to extraordinary. According to Cabinet Coatings of America, refacing your cabinets can increase the return on investment if you intend to sell your home. The exact ROI you can get is determined by factors like location and deductible tax.

Kitchen cabinet design ideas trend daily on the internet. But you must consider a few things when choosing the cabinet design. Consider your storage and measure the available length before hiring professionals. This gives you a clear idea of the size you need in the house, and cost estimation will be easier.

The second thing you must determine before hiring a custom cabinet service is the color. The cabinet color must complement the room’s existing furniture or other features. For instance, wooden cabinets match well with hardwood flooring in the kitchen. However, if you prefer to go the traditional way, go for darker shades as well as lighter cues if you want to stay modern.

Cabinet hardware is essential if all you want is value. Knobs and pulls will be a game changer if you take the time to analyze what would suit your home. There are numerous styles ranging from classic brass handles to stainless steel designs. The wide range of options makes it easier for you to customize the cabinetry according to your personal preference.

Roof Services

Roof repairs or replacement will immediately add significant value to your home. The exact value depends on the material you use and the professionals you hire. According to IKO Global, new asphalt shingle roofing can increase American homeowners’ return on investment by $15,427.

On many occasions, people judge the roofing value by just observing the aesthetics. But good roofing has several other benefits that can be used to calculate or estimate the value. First, a roof must protect your family during a storm. Storms come with strong winds, flying debris, and hailstones, and they can break tree branches around the yard.

If your roofing can withstand all the above calamities, it’s of great value. Secondly, a good roofing should help reduce the energy bills. Good roof insulation helps reduce heat during summer and prevents heat loss during winter. This eases the work of the HVAC system, therefore low energy consumption.

Finally, find residential services to hire if you intend to increase your financial gain. After listing the home for sale, the potential buyer will judge the value depending on the roof age. Buyers don’t want to incur expenses after purchasing a home. A home buyer wants a home they will invest very little to customize things here and there and later enjoy for several years before planning on major renovations.

As such, ensure your roofing warranty is active. The roofers and the material suppliers offer warranties. On the other hand, ensure the roof is insured because natural disasters can occur anytime. Warranties and insurance are surefire ways to prove your home is valuable to your buyer.

Tree Removal Services

Dried leaves, decaying stumps, and overcrowded yards are some things that degrade a home’s value. For sure, trees around the house pose higher risks during rainy seasons. Branches may break off due to excessive wind and rainwater pressure, damaging the roof. By observing the trees around the yard, a potential buyer can quickly call off the deal.

Overgrown and diseased trees also lower the home’s beauty because they risk spreading the disease to other vegetation. Tree stumps are a hiding and breeding space for bugs and insects that can harm your health. Removing the stumps and infected trees will help you retain the home’s value.

Experts advise removing any tree less than 10 feet from the roof. Ideally, plant the trees around the fence to block the wind and dust from the neighborhood. Wind and dust blockage will save your windows and the siding from fast wear. Additionally, trees will keep the air around fresh because they give out oxygen and cool the environment.

Another crucial expert advice is to space the smaller trees by 10 feet from each other. If you have bigger trees, plant them at least 30 to 50 feet apart. This will give enough spacing for movement around the yard, enabling the lights to penetrate the vegetation on the ground.

Tree removal companies have arborists who will help you determine damaged trees in the yard. You can perform tree surgeries for ones that can be saved and remove the severely damaged from the yard. After tree removal, ensure the stumps are ground underground for home safety. Additionally, find residential services to hire for green waste cleaning.

Countertop Installation Services

Gone are the days when family members would rest in the living room while waiting for dinner. After a tiresome day, US families should spend time together in the kitchen as they prepare dinner. The National Library of Medicine conducted a feasibility and acceptability study by providing meal plans and recipes to cook together. Parents and teens accepted the idea by analyzing the benefits they experienced, like improved relationships and healthier eating.

Families bond well when they spend time together. Also, children can learn soft cooking skills in the evening. So, how do you make it easier for the family to perform different activities in the kitchen? You simply add excellent countertops.

Countertops create spaces for cleaning, prepping, cutting and mixing foods, resting hot pots, and plating food. Apart from the functionality they add to the kitchen, countertops have different values they add to a home depending on their material. For example, Granite Gold says the granite countertops can add up to 25% of home value.

When it comes to countertop services, you can easily find residential services to hire online. But the trick lies in the types of material you choose for your kitchen. Cast polymer countertops add beautiful colors to the home without a high price tag. Alternatively, you can choose natural stone like marble or engineered stones like quartz.

Appliance Repair Services

Appliance repairs are the residential services to hire if several of the appliances in the room aren’t functional. A functional appliance will play a vital role in the energy consumption in the house. The appliances make life at home easier by providing convenience and saving time on different tasks performed.

For example, a refrigerator saves you time because it can preserve various foods longer. This saves you from visiting the grocery daily to get vegetables. However, appliances wear fast if not well maintained. Most appliances are stored in the kitchen, and the humid environment can damage them more easily.

Hire appliance repair services regularly to treat the rust and change the necessary wiring in the room. This will save you from electric shocks and fire risks. Having healthy appliances enhances the functionality of the room, therefore adding value. Additionally, go for the latest brands to retain the value if you intend to sell your home.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet cleaning is one of the residential services to hire regularly if you want your home to retain its value. The carpet protects the tiles and your valuable flooring from damage and fast wear. But that does not mean the carpet shouldn’t get some love on a regular basis.

According to the National Institute of Health, carpets impair the indoor air quality. This results in frequent childhood respiratory health conditions. Carpets trap dust whenever you enter the room without cleaning your feet in the mud room. Pets also sleep on the carpet, leaving hair around and affecting air quality.

Once people with allergic reactions breathe in pet air, their condition can worsen. It’s for this reason, you should vacuum your carpet at least once a week and clean it monthly. Fortunately, modern technology can help clean and dry the carpet within a few hours. As such, carpet cleaners can pick up your carpet, clean it with an automatic carpet cleaning and drying machine, and return it within the day.

Although the carpet may not impact the home buyer’s purchase decision, it can reveal a lot about other components. For instance, a dirty carpet will affect the indoor air, and the HVAC system will overwork to freshen the room. Someone with technical knowledge about home cooling will understand your HVAC system has suffered. Suppose the buyer comes with an appraiser; everything will come to light.

HVAC Services

In 2020, nearly 90% of US homes used the HVAC system. The HVAC system is beneficial for the home because it helps regulate the indoor temperature and air quality. According to Crystal Heating and Cooling, an HVAC system can increase a home’s value by 10%. Potential buyers check the condition of the AC to determine if the investment is worth it.

As the HVAC system ages, it can develop several problems that may even reduce its efficiency. It’s wise to find residential services to hire and schedule regular maintenance for your system. AC repairs and maintenance costs vary depending on the professionals and the location. But setting a budget for cleaning at least twice a year cannot hurt your pocket.

If you live in the tropical regions, summer can be dusty, causing the system to suffer. Tropical regions also have higher temperatures during the night due to cloud cover. As a result, the HVAC system overworks to keep the indoor livable. At least schedule maintenance after three months to keep your system in good condition.

Floor Coating Services

If your floor is messed up, floor coating is one of the residential services to hire for beauty restoration. Floor coating services have been traditionally done on concrete floors. Epoxy coatings are normally applied over concrete floors to provide smooth, durable, and high-performance surfaces. They also enhance the floor to withstand heavy weight.

However, in the modern days, wooden floors also require coating services. As the wooden floors age, they get scratches and stains; coating is the only option to restore their aesthetic look. Wood stain and polyurethane are used to smoothen and change the floor color. Wood stains are available in different colors that match the furniture or decor.

Polyurethane is used to protect the wood floor from everyday wear and tear. A local floor coating company can charge you depending on the level of damage to the floor and the type of services you need. The Spruce estimates the cost of coating the hardwood floor to $1,828.

Painting Services

Of all the residential services to hire for home restoration, you cannot complete the project without the painters. Outdoor paint fades within 5 to 7 years because of exposure to sunlight and UV. But the indoor paint can go up to 10 years. Normally, the paint gets stained when you perform other projects in the house, therefore a need to give the walls a fresh look.

However, your paint may last longer if you have an outdoor wall siding. But since you spend most of the time and perform activities indoors, you will require local interior painting companies to give the rooms a fresh look. For instance, after appliance cleaning and repair, you must repaint the areas around them due to rust.

The above 9 are the residential services to hire to increase your home value. When hiring professionals, go through their website and read their reviews to determine if they are worth handling your contract. Alternatively, you can ask colleagues, neighbors, or family members for recommendations. A good contractor must offer warranties and have insurance to protect your property. All the best.

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